Shaunda Beatty is an intelligent and educated, Atlanta Entrepreneur. Shaunda has emerged in the business world as a philanthropist, businesswoman, coach, mentor, casting director, television personality and busy mother of a 16 year old daughter, Reonna. As a businesswoman, Shaunda is the creative force behind several privately held entities including, Tax Solutions, 1 Stop Financial Services, 1 Stop Auto Financing and Atlanta Edge Homes. Shaunda is also the Founder of Pretty Bosses Network, which is shaping the way we envision the new business woman. Shaunda provides affiliate opportunities to both men and women and teaches them how to start a successful business, and create a platform to transform their existing businesses and lives from the inside out! Shaunda Beatty ™ is intensely focused on helping aspiring entrepreneurs build their professional brands while developing a cutting edge. Shaunda has met and worked with countless entrepreneurs and celebrities from all over the world! Shaunda who began her first business in 1997 offers practical and easy-to-implement solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start their own businesses!

Shaunda works with her affiliates to build and take their businesses to the next level.  As a coach, consultant, mentor and strategist, Shaunda walks affiliates through a proven system of intuitive strategies and inspired actions to map out their business goals, strategies, branding and marketing, while giving them the tools to ultimately become a business success.

Shaunda is not only a CEO but she is also a key team member. This has allowed her the opportunity to work directly and indirectly with other Business Owners, Philanthropists, Major Athletes, Celebrities, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Socialites in various capacities. Shaunda’s  personal passions are Coaching, Mentoring, Event Planning, Fashion and Decorating and Staging Homes, her favorite hobby is shopping. Although she is a CEO and attends many meetings and networking events Shaunda say’s she “Rarely has on a suit and is very comfortable and in her element in a pair of True Religions and “Red Bottoms.”

As a business owner and a CEO Shaunda’s passions and expertise lie in everything her company does.  Her background allows her team to be utilized in several arenas. Unlike many companies that avoid change; Shaunda’s companies are constantly changing, hiring and developing new relationships needed for continued Growth, Success, Project and Task Fulfillment.

Shaunda who is also known as the Credit Diva looks for ways to help you save money, because the less you spend on luxury items you want the more you can save!

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