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Why a Income Tax Franchise?

tax-solutions-atlanta1040 Tax Solutions offers both business opportunities as well as tax preparation services. Many people dream about owning their own business, but fail to make it reality because there can be many risks. That’s where Tax Solutions comes in, with many benefits and the ability to help you open a new tax prep office or grow an existing tax preparation business anywhere in the US. We offer a number of tax business development services, including one of the strongest business start-up programs in the industry. We offer a great business model, excellent training from experienced professionals, tax preparation software, IRS EFIN / PTIN registration and renewal, virtual tax services, in-store tax kiosks, instant cash advance tax refunds, bank products, back office support, marketing, tax preparer classes, tax season support and more. Priced competitively, our top quality customer service and back office support, along with over 10 years of experience in the tax industry, is what we offer to help you start and build a strong ethical Tax Business.

Here’s a few reasons to act on this franchise opportunity with us:
• Security: You’re not alone! The Tax Solutions team has your back in all facets of starting and operating your tax business and before you start, you’ll get to know those who will work with you the most.
• Less expensive: Franchising in many industries has high initial costs. With that in mind, your costs are low with our low startup costs, we are far below the cost to startup a tax franchise. This allows you to focus your money where you need it most.
• National network: We have connections across the country, which allows for a wealth of ideas and solutions to problems that may arise.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility while getting paid what you’re worth. Some of the most successful businesses in the world are franchises themselves, and Tax Solutions is on its way to joining the list.
I currently own and operate several businesses and Tax Solutions is one of the most lucrative.
You do not have to have a location to be an Affiliate, everyone may be mobile and work from remote settings.
I’m partnering with those who are interested in building a ravishing business together. I’ve been operating a six figure tax business for over 5 years and I have a strong background in personal and business taxes. I am interested in collaborating with people who are willing to come in with a strong ethic and market tax preparation and credit repair services and secure clients. I’m looking for hard working, business minded and entrepreneurial individuals that can network and speak. This opportunity requires a Small Start Up Investment, but together, we can build an empire!

If you don’t have a tax preparation background, but are looking to begin working in a business that is almost fail-proof, this is it. We train all of affiliates and tax preparers.

NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED or REQUIRED! Plus Your Credit Score Does Not Matter. I have you covered!
We offer everything you need for the least amount of money in the shortest time and through us, you’ll have the same products and services of a national chain. Plus, we guarantee our revenue sharing percentage will remain significantly lower than our direct competitors.

SERVICES We Provide ~


IRS Registration ~ $50.00 to the IRS (paid on the IRS Website)
Tax Software
Tax Training
24 Hour Support
Bank Products
Tax Advances
I-Cloud Business Phone System


Full Service Credit Repair Package ~ $399 (Software and App PROVIDED)                                                                                                     Mortgage and Fix and Flip Package ~ $399
Business and Commercial Loan Package ~  $199
Cable, Internet and Phone Affiliate Package ~ INCLUDED (With all of the above)

Additional Site Selection Name Selection Marketing Store
Additional Website and APP Package



All Tax Prep Fee Revenue Splits are in favor of the Affiliate!

50/50 ~ Partnership ~ $499 

60/40 ~ Beginner ~ $699

70/30 ~ Intermediate – $899

80/20 ~ Professional – $1099

We are your “back office.” We assume responsibility for IRS compliance & E-filing. We will receive Tax Preparation revenue from the bank, make weekly tax preparation revenue deposits, issue corresponding statements.

You’ll also enjoy off-season support for all clients since we’ll have all of the data in our system. In other words, you can tell your clients to call us, not you, in the off-season. Everyone Secures Their Own Clients but, who do you know that does not have to file a tax return??

Are you looking for a reputable company to file your taxes and get you back more legally than ever before? Then File your taxes with the Nation’s strongest Tax Specialists and get $1,000-$3,000 MORE!

1040 Tax Solutions Tax Specialists go through extensive training learning the most advanced tax strategies and CPA (Certified Public Accounting) principles.  With this education, 92.7% of ALL of our new clients in the 2015-16 Tax Season received $1,500 – $3,000 more on their income tax returns!  

Knowledge is Power 

Utilize the knowledge and skill of our online professionals and increase your return substantially!  

Who I AM:

I am Shaunda Beatty A CEO. A single mom. A hard worker. An entrepreneur. I’m horrible at math and had never done a tax return before I purchased my own tax business, and I honestly make six figures doing this in 4 months.
If you’re a Hard Working individual that can Network and wants to be our Next Success Story, I invite you to Join My Team! I Can’t wait to hear from you! And, to all Entrepreneurs…be SUCCESSFUL in any venture that you choose!!
Ready to take advantage of this franchise opportunity to become the next Tax Solutions franchise? Then fill out our contact form, and a member of our team will contact you to start the process.

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